My Approach

During my treatment sessions I combine acupuncture  with  a very large “tool box” of techniques that successfully facilitate physical, physiological, and energetic changes in the body/mind to move  you out of pain,  disease and discomfort  into a direction of ease, comfort and optimum health.

I welcome clients who  are uncertain of acupuncture. I can use tuning forks, Cranial Sacral Therapy,and acupressure in place of needles, or  even tape needles to the points  instead of insertion.

As an East Asian Medicine  Practitioner I also am interested in teaching and  educating you about diet and  nutrition,  informing you on  how to improve your knowledge and skills to be confident and proactive in your own health maintenance.

I can also assist you in learning meditation and yoga exercises for promoting wellness , range of motion and reducing stress.