Working with Julienne has been a regular part of my health care routine for many years. Whether for pain & limited range of motion (lower back, “frozen shoulder”), for stress/anxiety-related symptoms (poor digestion, muscle tension), or as preventative medicine (runny nose, sore throat), Julienne has something to offer. Her intuitive approach, sensitive listening and practical application of her vast knowledge are a rare blessing in the age of modern health care. When I want Western medicine, God bless it, it’s there. But I rarely visit the doctor’s office anymore, and I give a lot of the credit to Julienne.  R.C.
“I never knew that acupuncture could help with back pain until I strained my back and was in considerable pain.  In getting a massage at HEAL, the massage therapist recommended I consider acupuncture.  After even the first session, I began to see relief and after just a few sessions, my back pain was completely gone.  I went from feeling in pain 75% of the day and having to avoid daily tasks to feeling no pain and being able to do everything I wanted to do. I am so grateful to Julienne and to the entire team at HEAL.” K.L.
Many years ago, Dr. Wilson referred me to Julienne as a massage therapist who would be able to treat my migraine headaches.  At the time I was in my early sixties and had suffered with migraines since my mid-twenties. I was having 4-5 migranes a weeks!  Oh, yes.  I was a workaholic, putting in many, many hours in a fairly stressful environment, loved chocolate, lattes, red wine, and all those wonderful things.

Julienne took on the challenge, first treating me with massage therapy, which is wonderful in itself.  After completing a course on cranial-sacral therapy, she suggested a weekly course of cranial-sacral treatments. I saw Julienne,  fairly regularly,  for over a year.  I can testify that to this day, almost 15 years later ( I am now in my mid-seventies ),  I have not suffered from a migraine headache  since, and I am again enjoying in moderation, lattes, chocolate, and red wine!

Mireille Paulson

In 1999, I experienced a serious “dis ease” and as I recovered from the successful treatment I studied myself to learn the cause of my “dis ease”.  One thing I learned is that it is ok to love yourself, pamper yourself and take care of yourself – it is not conceit or vanity, just self love.

So I began getting regular manicures and pedicures and massage therapy.

I scheduled an appointment every few weeks and eventually I was able to relax my neck enough that her treatments were very beneficial.  I spent much time on the  computer as I was taking online classes from DePaul University.  But because of her knowledge of the body she was able to help me feel physically stronger as well as encouraging my emerging spiritual curiosity.

When she told me of her plans to pursue acupuncture as a new career I was concerned that I’d lose my therapist.  But as Julienne completed her course of study and asked if I wanted to be a student patient I said sure, because I had come to trust her so completely.

One of side effects of the treatment for my disease was an early menopause – and because it was chemically induced, the hot flashes and other discomforts were pretty extreme.  I asked if she could treat these annoyances with acupuncture.  And you know what – she did, my hot flashes went away as did night sweats.  I told all my women friends about this marvelous occurrence because we are all of “that certain age” when this is occurring.

Then recently I started to experience very hot feet during the night.  I contacted Julienne about this and we began a treatment protocol and the hot feet abated.  But then last winter my feet began to feel numb in places so I went to the doctor and he ran an exhaustive list of blood panels to determine if there was an organic reason for the numbness.  Alas,  I have idiopathic neuropathy – no known cause, treatment or cure.

I called Julienne and asked for several close appointments, because I knew this treatment was most successful when performed closer, rather then farther apart.  Julienne research this condition and found some alternate pathways from those she had used previously.  The change was magical, I could actually begin to feel my feet and superheated toes, were sometimes, even cold!

I am now able to space my treatments farther apart and maintain my happy feet.

Julienne Battalia is a dedicated clinician – knowledgeable, intelligent and really dedicated to her patients’ humanity.  Thanks Julienne,

Jeanne Budlong

Lopez Island, WA